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From Our Clients

Mr. Wiland is a lawyer to whom I would entrust my life and well being. In my experience, there is no substitute for the combination of skill, knowledge, integrity, and untiring work ethic that Mr. Wiland displays in every case he chooses to represent. If you are reading this recommendation, you can only hope that you will be one of those who are privileged to have been represented by Mr. Wiland.

~ Lloyd H.

Mr. Wiland is a level-headed leader who is highly success-driven. An aggressive posture is taken by Mr. Wiland when issues are time-sensitive and need to be dealt with immediately. His leadership skills are unparalleled and second to none. When a situation needs handled, Wiland is the go-to guy.  His style is a bolstered by our beloved Marine Corps: traits in leading and getting the job done.

~ D. Gunner

Mr. Wiland is a professional with a great deal of initiative and works hard to produce the best result. He is a proven self-starter and learns quickly. He has held a number of leadership positions in professional associations, and is well respected by his peers. Wiland is a professional who sets high standards for himself and for those whom he works and supervises. He recognizes individuals’ strengths and works hard to help others build upon their strength to succeed. One of Mr. Wiland’s major strengths is his ability to develop collaborative working relationships with other individuals, organizations and agencies. He has excellent communication skills and is an excellent team player who works very well with others.

~ Dwain M.


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