In June of this year Criteo filed suit against SteelHouse and their counterfeit click fraud scheme. In July of this year SteelHouse countersued Criteo.  Will this entire rivalry turn-out to be just another blame game of he-said-she-said?  Doubtful. The countersuit against Criteo sort of resembles a copy-paste of Criteo’s lawsuit, but with the names flipped, of course.  In other words, the countersuit seems to be the litigation version of their counterfeit click fraud scheme.

House of Mirrors

If Criteo’s lawsuit against SteelHouse’s counterfeit click fraud scheme is true (and more likely than not, it is), then the countersuit is nothing more than the proverbial smoke grenade thrown into the proverbial (Steel) House of Mirrors.

House of Cards

Maybe the Court should hurry-up and find in favor of Criteo’s requested injunctive relief.  And maybe the Court should also order that all of SteelHouse’s web traffic be momentarily redirected to something more fitting, like Or better yet,  The darling Silicon Valley venture capitalists who propped-up this house of cards may have been better-off investing in Solyndra.

This “tangled web” gives a whole new meaning to “Click Click Boom!”